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Violent Python Quick Thoughts

I eagerly pre-ordered the book Violent Python and while I’ve only had a chance to go completely through chapter 1 and pick through chapter 6, I wanted to write a quick post with my thoughts on the book. Chapter one is called introduction to Python and while the author starts off showing an example of a list, of a dictionary etc. the content quickly escalates into projects it has you work on. I’ve done a tiny bit of python coding in the past but my python was extremely rusty. Chapter one definitely helped shake the rust off. What chapter one would not be good for is teaching someone python that has no programing experience whatsoever. One perfect example is the indentation that is such a fundamental part of python is never addressed. That could be awfully confusing to someone with zero experience. I understand people with zero programming experience are not the target demographic for a book like this; it’s just one caveat to consider before recommending the book. I’ve already recommende