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Ghostwriting for Antivirus Evasion in 2018

One of the techniques we cover in the antivirus evasion section of the SANS SEC 504 course is ghost writing. The topic was covered brilliantly by Royce Davis on his blog back in 2012 ( ). The workflow he laid out still works, but some of the specific commands needed have changed slightly in Kali Linux. One of my students asked if I knew of a resource with the updated commands and I didn’t, so I decided to write it. The technique aims to take advantage of the fact that sometimes antivirus programs may flag an executable as malicious not because of the program’s functionality, but because the program contains certain signatures that indicate it was created with a “malicious” program such as Metasploit. If this is the case with our payload, then maybe we can make minor modifications which don’t affect the payload’s functionality, but which “break up” or otherwise modify the signatur