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Persistent Monitoring on a Budget

I am a huge fan of Justin Seitz and his blog . Last holiday season he let me know that pastebin was having a sale on it’s API access, and that he was planning on using it in a future project. He came out with that project in April with a post where he used python, the pastebin API and a self hosted search engine called searx to make a keyword persistent monitor which shot out an alert email anytime it found a “hit”. I was a huge fan of his post and made some modifications to his code in order to fit my needs. I’m much more of a hacker than a coder so I’m sure there are more eloquent ways to achieve what I did, but it’s been meeting my needs for several months, and has had multiple relevant finds. I was recently asked for a copy of my modifications so I thought it easiest to post it on github and write up a description here. Mod 1: Dealing with spaces in search terms. Early on I noticed that I would have fantastic results when looking for email addresses hitting pastebin and other si