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Passed My CISSP Exam

I’m back from my self-imposed month of silence and am happy to report that I passed my CISSP exam. I allowed for a hair over three weeks from my CISSP boot camp to my test date which seemed very aggressive but doable. What I didn’t count on was an unforeseen incident causing me to miss a week of study time. 4-5 days before my exam I was seriously considering postponing my test but the next available date for the local testing center was over a month away and I didn’t want this test hanging over my head for another month. Thankfully I was able to pass my test with no extensions. Here is a quick overview of how I studied for the exam. Step 1: Bootcamp I choose the SANS 414 course for my CISSP bootcamp. I can’t say how it compares to any other CISSP prep course since I haven’t taken any others but I can say that I enjoyed the class and I passed the test. It’s redundant to say that a SANS instructor did a great job but Eric Conrad and Eric Cole are two of the greatest instructors I’ve eve