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Some Basic Options When Dealing with TrueCrypt (aka Finally a Forensics Post)

I’ve recently been working on a presentation I’ll be giving in a few weeks on the topic of memory forensics. I’ve learned a ton while working on it and the old adage of “The best way to understand something is to teach in to others” has proven extremely beneficial to me. One of the topics that required me to do some digging was on the subject of memory analysis as it relates to TrueCrypt. A few years ago I was asked to examine a system within an extremely short time frame. I looked at the software installed on the system and saw TrueCrypt. I didn’t know a ton back then but I knew enough to know that there was nothing quick about dealing with TrueCrypt. I’m writing the post that I wish I would have had on that day a few years back. If you see TrueCrypt installed on a system and aren’t quite sure what to do with that bit of information, hopefully this quick overview and some of the resources I’ll mention help. I’m not going to cover using artifacts like prefetch files to determine if Tru