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Q & A for 3/16/23 ChatGPT for OSINT Webinar

 Earlier this week SANS hosted a one-hour Webinar "The New OSINT Cheat Code: ChatGPT". You can watch the webinar and view the slides here: I used up the entire hour of the allotted time giving the presentation so I promised that we would gather the questions and I would answer them on my blog. I haven't edited these for grammar etc, just pasted in the questions and responded to them. Q: If people were proficient in "google dorks" - to uncover whatever they may find. How does the landscape shift if future   iterations of ChatGPT adapts to the majority of population's search as it comes to understand what people are seeking out. A: I can easily see “Google dorks” becoming less important in the future as the focus shifts towards writing quality prompts explaining EXACTLY what you’re looking for and letting that specificity improve your signal-to-noise ratio. I’m picturing an enhanced user exp

Links for my 3/16/2023 ChatGPT For OSINT Webinar

  GitHub with ChatGPT prompts: Matt’s Blog: Blog post on Hugging Face app “Face Swap”: Blog post on OpenAI’s Whisper tool for transcribing audio or video to text: SANS SEC497 Practical Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) course: CyberChef:

Let Hugging Face Give You a Happy Face

Years ago, a co-worker mentioned that he used to see the band Offspring play in tiny venues in southern California. They were proud that they were fans long before the band was widely known. ChatGPT has become a public phenomenon, making the Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) spaces part of the mainstream. If the thought of a playground full of emerging ML tools sounds like something you’re interested in, you should check out Hugging Face. is a site designed to let developers of ML apps have a place to test their tools and collaborate with others. A nice side effect of this community is that we have a place to play with these tools before they’re mainstream. To see the most popular tools, you can go to the “Spaces” section of the site and change the sort order from newest to “Most Likes.” Some of the tools are just fun to play with. Here I use one called AnimeGanv2 to turn a picture of me into an anime style images.  In addition to being fun, th