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Nation State Quality OSINT on a Taco Bell Budget – Part 2

Welcome to the second post in our series on getting started using AWS services for OSINT. Last post we covered setting up an AWS account, getting the command line interface installed and configured with your credentials and using the Rekognition service to help solve some very common OSINT problems. In this post we’re going to build on that and: Register as a Twitter developer to get API credentials Setup up a Lightsail instance where we can run our code 24/7 for an extremely low cost (free at first) Setup an email with Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) which we’ll use to send email alerts Make a very simple database using Amazon’s DynamoDB Tie all of these together to make a persistent twitter monitor in Python To start off, let’s head over to Twitter and register as a developer so we can get an API key. Twitter does a great job supporting their community and you can sign up for a developer account here: The free “sandbox” account is