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Filelocator Pro Tips and Tricks for Indexing Large Breach Data Sets

Tomorrow I’ll be giving a talk on breach data including: Places where it’s located How to make large data sets searchable in a reasonable amount of time How some organizations are using breach data to improve their security posture Whenever I give conference talks I try to remove or reduce any barriers to entry. When I have given talks on memory forensics, I have always used the Windows standalone version of Volatility instead of Linux for my demos so attendees who were not really comfortable with Linux wouldn’t feel like they couldn’t try the techniques. With that idea in mind, I wanted to find a way to make large breach datasets searchable without the need to maintain huge databases, normalize hundreds (or more) of disparate datasets etc. Similar to a recent blog post I wrote where I used a forensics tool called bulk extractor to help quickly acquire selectors (emails, phone numbers etc) from a large dataset, I decided to use a common forensics technique of indexing for this problem.