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A Quick Look at MDXFIND

Recently one of the SANS SEC504 labs updated and with the changes came a new set of hashes from the exercises. These hashes are a perfect opportunity to dive a bit deeper and try to determine what hashing algorithm is used when you’re not sure. I wrote a blog post on resources to help figure out hash formats in 2017 but one tool I didn’t cover was MDXFIND. MDXFIND is a free tool available here: Most password cracking programs require three things. A listof the hashes you want to crack, the algorithm that they’re in and a dictionarythat you would like to use for your attempts. MDXFIND is for when you havehashes and a dictionary, but you’re not sure what format the hashes are in. Let’stake a quick look at the syntax of an example. The hashes we want to crack are the following: FC24F5B01909FF7A055933F6C0CD06BFAC60D3DC 47FA7B070774F637F4D6D6D0B97779EBA27A37CE 3D616AA9E23DBDB2F4627C1177C9C0A2AD63F6C2 76E826553BF74EC8DB0E91269816C858503F482E B475650D6B2694E23BC