An update and a useful link

I wanted to post a quick update to let everyone know the why the posts have been few and far in between these last few weeks. The quickie version is long hours at work combined with two sans conferences since my last post in January. Yes, two conferences in two months.

I took the FOR 408 Windows Computer Forensics course in January and the SEC 401 Security Essentials Bootcamp in February. Reviews of both will be coming soon but I loved them both. I’ve also been reviewing some other course content which I may be able to write about soon.

One thing I want to share before I go back to my GCFE studies is a great site I saw a few weeks ago.

One of the most useful parts of my penetration testing course was the online lab of machines to try to hack. is a repository of images that a user can download and practice their hacking skills on. Right now there are five pages of images including some that can be difficult to find. After I’m passed my current glut of SANS material I will definitely spend some time with a few of these distros.


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