Book Review: Red Team Field Manual

rtfmIt feels kind of weird to call this a “book review” when the book is under 100 pages and costs $9 on Amazon but the Red Team Field Manual is worth sharing.

I first heard about the book on a SANS mailing list a few weeks ago when a poster said that the book was awesome and not to be scared off by the Amazon reviews which are joke reviews written by the author’s friends. I went to read the reviews (some of them were pretty darn funny) and since the book was only $9 I ordered it. It may very well go down as the handiest $9 I’ve ever spent.

The book’s author originally wrote the book as a reference for members of his penetration testing red team and got permission from his employer to publish it. The book is just under 100 pages and is nothing but a well-organized list of handy pen-testing commands for Linux, Windows, networking, pen testing tools, databases etc.

  • Looking for some Linux commands to cover your tracks? Page 7
  • A little fuzzy on the exact netsh command to forward a port in Windows? Page 18 has you covered.
  • Want to use Powershell to run a command every four hours? Page 23

I’ve kept my copy in my backpack since the day it arrived and it will probably stay there for many years. If you’re at all interested in pen testing and the book sounds like something you could use it’s definitely worth the $9 to check it out.


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